What to bring to Summer Advising?

<p>Can someone tell me what I’ll need to bring with me to Summer Advising? I want to make sure I have everything I need and nothing I don’t.</p>

<p>Well, I would bring 3 pairs of clothes. Shirts and shorts mainly. Maybe an extra pair of socks or underwear. An undershirt to wear at night if you want. Your toiletrees, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, comb etc. They will provide soap and towels, but you should bring shampoo. A hat perhaps for the sun. A pen and pencil and a folder to keep stuff in. Other then that, I would consider as dead weight. I brought my CD player and didn't use it once. Someone brought their laptop but they never brought it out.</p>

<p>Until last night it has been fairly warm so enough causual clothes for your time here, a pencil and notebook with a folder for holding assorted peices of paper you might pick up. If the temp dips at night some like a light jacket or sweatshirt.</p>

<p>Several Water Bottles</p>

<p>A Backpack</p>

<p>One of those fans that sprays mist on you.</p>

<p>All I brought were clothes....thats all. </p>

<p>Seriously, you can do without all this other stuff the people above have been mentioning. Mostly everything is provided..</p>