What to bring?

<p>I read the what to bring page on UCLA's website, but does anyone have tips for a plaza? I have the bed stuff, towels and a lamp...What else would I need? Should I bring little drawers?</p>

<p>No. Any furniture that you'll need is already provided. If you foresee yourself on a top bunk, get something that will hold a few things and can clamp to a bunk rail guard. My roommate had one of those and he kept his glasses and cell phone there while he slept. Much more convenient than having to climb down and fish for your stuff blind.</p>

<p>Otherwise, any generic college packing list should suffice. Be wary of overpacking. It doesn't get extremely cold at night (think sweatshirts and maybe a T-shirt underneath as the most you'll need). This may depend on how far your home is from campus, which factors in the ability to restock your supplies.</p>