What to Buy/Bring for Dorm Rooms?

<p>Calling all experienced students, moms, dads... do you have any advice for a first timer on what to bring to school in the fall? My D will likely live in Towers. Clothes, beauty supplies, etc. I know but what do we need to set up the dorm room comfortably? So far I have this list:</p>

<p>desk lamp
extra long sheets- should we order from the service that Pitt recommends?
micro/fridge -better to rent or to buy?

<p>Does anyone have a list of what they brought? or wish they had brought?</p>

<p>Thanks for any advice!!</p>

<p>My daughter brought along a set of dishes - service for 4 - plates, bowls, cups and silverware. Not only did she get a lot of use out of the dishes - so did many of her floormates! My daughter lived in Forbes, so I don't know what's available on each floor in Towers. Forbes had a little kitchen area in each wing, so it was easy for them to wash dishes. Also, the desk chairs in Forbes are wooden so my daughter appreciated having a seat cushion. We purchased a first aid kit for her - she never used it. She also brought a TV but they barely watched it. </p>

<p>Besides the sheets, comforter, etc - you may want to consider a mattress topper. Oh, and a Brita pitcher would probably be a good purchase. My daughter also used the iron and ironing board she brought along.</p>

<p>You do not need bed risers. The beds are adjustable.</p>

<p>The fridge/micro combo my daughter and her roommate rented freshman year was very loud. However, at the end of the year, they did not have to move it. Then this year, DD lived in an on-campus apartment with a fridge and microwave. With the size of the Towers rooms, it might be nice to have the fridge and microwave separate so that they have the option of putting them two different places. On the rentals, the microwave is attached to the top of the fridge.</p>

<p>As for the sheets, I would just buy them. The service sheets are not as nice--from what I have heard. Also, it is fun to get what you like. I agree with pittsmom about the mattress topper. My daughter's mattresses (she has been in three different campus housing options) were all pretty beat.</p>

<p>The rooms in the Towers are small, so less is better. If you take things in those large plastic boxes, they can stay for underbed storage. </p>

<p>The bathrooms in Towers are communal, so a robe is good as is something to carry toiletries back and forth.</p>

<p>My daughter took a printer for her first two years, but she does not plan to take it back this year. There are plenty of computer labs around campus with printers.</p>

<p>OK- adding on to the list</p>

<p>desk lamp
extra long sheets
micro/fridge (thinking rent so we won't have to transport)

<p>mattress topper
plastic storage boxes
Brita pitcher (maybe)
first aid kit (she's accident prone!!)</p>

carryall for shampoo etc.</p>

<p>iron (maybe)</p>

<p>Do they need anything to clean the room with? broom, dustpan and/or vacuum? do the kids bring/buy a rug for the room?</p>

<p>Also thinking about these items:<br>
surge protector
alarm clock
laundry basket</p>

<p>so I also found this move-in checklist on the Pitt website</p>

<p><a href="http://www.pc.pitt.edu/downloads/housing/Move-In%20Checklist.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.pc.pitt.edu/downloads/housing/Move-In%20Checklist.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>looks like an ethernet cable is also required?</p>

<p>do many kids bring bikes?</p>

<p>Son has used a surge protector as well as a laptop lock in the dorms. Don't need to bring a wastebasket -- they are provided as well as the garbage bags. Laundry basket -- you need something to haul the clothes to the laundry room. Son did have his Brita with him :)</p>

<p>I lived in Towers my freshman year, so here is my advice:</p>

<p>I would recommend renting the microfridge. It is $200 for the year, which can be split between two roommates. The microwave and fridge are not the most spacious or of the best quality, but they do the job fine without taking up too much space in an already small bedroom.</p>

<p>As for sheets, don't bother with the service. You can find better quality sheets at Jcpenney, Macy's, or Target for much cheaper. Also, the mattress cover is a must. Some of my friends had special memory foam covers, but a normal one worked just fine for me.</p>

<p>I would also recommend getting cheap plastic containers/drawers/bins for storage. A lot of this stuff can be found at Target for cheap. I used them to store makeup, toiletries, jewelry, food, textbooks, etc. </p>

<p>In terms of cleaning the room, you only need a few things. The Towers rooms are carpeted, so a vacuum might be helpful. My RA had one, though, so I just borrowed hers. Besides that, some Swiffer dusters and Lysol wipes are all you really need. I also found Febreeze useful in keeping the air and bedding smelling fresh.</p>

<p>You do need an ethernet cable to get internet access in the room. The lounges, as well as the rest of campus, is wireless though.</p>

<p>As I recall, (most of?) the rooms in Towers have a full-length mirror on the back of the door, and each bathroom sink has a smaller one, too. Will she need that extra one, too? Each desk comes with a built-in lamp, and there are two trashcans per room. As I learned the hard way from my freshman year experience, the less you bring, the better off you are (especially since a) Towers rooms are small, and b) move-out is no fun). If you want more ideas of stuff to get, there's a huge 'stickied' thread about what to bring to college (something like 'A-Z of what to bring to college'). Good luck!</p>

<p>OK- crossing off desk lamp & wastebasket; great that there is a full length mirror so she can just bring a smaller one for makeup -will check out that sticky thread thanks :)</p>

<p>extra long sheets
micro/fridge (rent)
makeup mirror
mattress topper
plastic storage boxes
Brita pitcher (maybe)
first aid kit (she's accident prone!!)
carryall for shampoo etc.
iron (maybe)
surge protector
alarm clock
laundry basket
ethernet cable
dust cloths/cleaning wipes

<p>OK I have been looking at the A-Z list and wondered would any of these items be good to bring for a Towers room?</p>

<p>Steamer trunk (left over from summer camp)
Floor lamp
Drying rack for laundry
Folding chair(s)
electric tea kettle (would it be allowed?)</p>

<p>I think plastic storage bins / drawers would be better than the steamer trunk. Any "extra" storage will have to fit in the closet or under the bed -- there is very little floor space. Stackable bins or drawers will be more versatile than a big trunk.</p>

<p>Does bringing underbed storage assume the beds will not be bunked? If roommates decide to stack the beds, does only the bottom person have underbed storage?</p>

<p>Only the lower bunk woud have storage, but my guess is the kids would figure out what needs to go under there. </p>

<p>On the subject of moving in, the large plastic bins stack very nicely and can be piled into the laundry carts that Pitt provides. If you plan it right, you really can minimize those elevator runs.</p>

<p>How about a small carryon size suitcase for weekend bus/plane trips home?</p>

<p>^^^ Yes, that is a good idea. My daughter actually had two rolling suitcases: one a carry-on for Thanksgiving, and a larger one for Christmas/spring break (longer) trips.</p>

<p>I would suggest the drying rack. I don't always trust the Towers dryers, so I used a drying rack to air dry some of my nicer shirts and more delicate clothes.</p>

<p>There won't be room in Towers for a floor lamp or folding chairs. As for the electric tea kettle, I don't know if those are allowed. I would suggest that your D ask the RA about that one.</p>

<p>I think Pitt has a list of forbidden items though I do not know where it is--probably on the housing page somewhere. But, if you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond nearby, it keeps a list for specific colleges as well, which is quite handy.</p>

<p>In regards to the electric tea kettle, anything with a hot plate is not allowed.
And yes, there is a list of forbidden items Pitt will send home in the Arrival Survival packet later in the summer along with a handy list of things you should bring. Look for that in the mail! :)</p>

<p>As to lighting, I read that the desks come with lamps but what about lighting for reading in bed? What did people do about that?</p>