What to do CPA , CFA , FSA

<p>Hi everyone , </p>

<p>I am a business degree student . I finish this year .
I am confused in which direction i should go after getting my degree .
My dad has a Accounting , auditing office , and i will work with him , that is my plan .
My problem is i don't know what to get after my degree , a normal master in accounting or auditing , or CPA , CFA , FSA . I don't know which of those will benifit me the most to be better later in life , to take my Dad's Carrer to another level and to benefit me the most as a person . </p>

<p>I would like u to give me advices that will help me take a good decision .
Thank u .</p>

<p>Is your dad a CPA?</p>

<p>he is a certified accountant and auditer , he did not do the CPA exams if thats what ur asking</p>

<p>What are his exact designations? I have never heard of a certified accountant only CPAs. And Auditors I have heard of CIAs - certified internal auditors. </p>

<p>Basically I am asking because if you are going into the accounting business, it is best to be a CPA. And unless I am mistaken, to be a CPA, you need to work for a CPA.</p>

<p>Its not the same here where im from , Lebanon , CPA , CFA and such started to become popular in the recent years , so ...
I just ask if CPA or CFA or FSA will help me run the Office after i take over after my dad .
which one will be better for me .</p>

<p>Personally, I think CPA will be a much better foundation for anything else career-wise. If your country doesn't require more than undergraduate credits to sit for the exams, then I suppose that's an advantage for your country and you can take the exams anytime. If you need more credits, USUALLY this is filled through a MAcc or other business related Masters. You'd also need to look at the experience related reqs for your country as they do usually require it, under another CPA or professional accounting firm/org. If that is also not required, then I'll move to where you are and start my new life.</p>

<p>This question totally reminded me of a preview of a Judge Judy episode where the defendant presented himself as a "certified accountant" or something like that, but not a CPA and the plaintiff was suing him for not doing something correctly in the way of accounting. I love to hate JJ.</p>

<p>Anyway, I hope that helps.</p>

<p>Thank you for the clarification, Vince. What does your father think you should do? It would seem that if you are going to work with him and grow his firm, the two of you will need to figure out a plan.</p>

<p>Turtlerock has made some good suggestions. Are you in school in the USA? If so, are you interested in getting certified here before returning to Lebanon?</p>

<p>no im in lebanon finishing my degree in buisness administration .
this year i finish</p>

<p>You have no realistic chance of getting an FSA if you're a business major, and it wouldn't do you any good anyway. Go with CPA or CFA.</p>