what to do during weekend visit?

<p>I'll be in Memphis next weekend with my mom for a campus visit, but that's just a few hours Saturday afternoon. We'll arrive Friday night and leave early Sunday. Any suggestions on what to do Saturday morning or night? I'd like to go places students might hang out.</p>

<p>We visited last summer, and the only place mentioned by name was Central Barbecue at 2249 Central Avenue.</p>

<p>Hi, as a current Rhodes student I figured I was pretty qualified to answer this question. A ton of students get tickets to either the Grizzlies or the Redbirds, and this friday night there’s a Grizzlies game vs the Spurs that will most likely have more than just a few students in attendance, tickets are as cheap as $5. For places to go to dinner and walk around, I’d definitely recommend the Cooper-Young Area. Places like Soulfish, Young Ave Deli, and Mulan are very good restaurants that I probably go to at least once a month. Central is a very good place to eat, and other places in that area such as Yolo (frozen yogurt place) and Memphis Pizza Cafe are also frequented locations. Other things to do on the weekend whether it be with a group of friends or on a date or something might include the zoo (right next door to campus), walking around Beale street (it’s only 21+ after 9 or so.). If you’re ok with going downtown Rendezvous has great dry rub bbq but it’s a little pricey compared to a local place like Central. Sunday morning wise, right next to campus is a place called Cafe Eclectic which I’d go every morning if I could. They actually have a second location down on Mud Island, which has a nice park and a decent amount of students live in the apartments in the area. Let me know if you have any more questions or if you want any more details or stuff I might have missed.</p>

<p>It looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend, but I’m excited for it anyway. I found someone through a friend of a friend who invited me to a party on campus tonight. There are some great ideas here for the rest of the weekend. Thanks for all these ideas.</p>

<p>so, just to let you all know I had a good visit at Rhodes. It was a little rainy, but not bad. I really liked the students I met and the campus is pretty. The city seems fun and there is a lot to do nearby the school. We went to the zoo, Beale St., got some great barbecue and drove around a little. Rhodes has a couple majors that really interest me.</p>