What to do during winter break

<p>As a background, I'm a junior and I want to take a year or two off after undergrad before applying to recharge and do things I want (travel, self-upgrading, and so on).
The fall semester hasn't ended yet, but I'm thinking about what to do during winter break before spring semester starts.
One option would be to volunteer 30hrs/week in a lab where I previously worked for undergrad summer research to continue my project and possibly turn it into a paper, or at least make a considerable amount of progress.
I'd appreciate any other suggestions.</p>

<p>You could just relax at home.</p>

<p>Working full-time for a couple of weeks is not going to be enough to publish anything. </p>

<p>I shadowed a neurologist at Johns Hopkins for a week during winter break of my junior year before studying abroad. It was fun, and taking five days of your break isn't too big of a deal. The rest of my time was spent sleeping, packing, and playing videogames. I'd do the same :).</p>

<p>During my summer, I was a research assistant at a cancer isntitute, so I got about 120+ hours there...and it wasnt that bad..but i dunno what you could do just for winter break..</p>

<p>maybe shadow a doctor or volunteer at a lab or something? im thinking of going back to the lab i was at and getting some more work done there and possibly complete a research paper.</p>

<p>and btw, whats self-upgrading? lol</p>

<p>its winter break..just relax..</p>