what to do in the summer?

<p>I am going to be attending Fordham next year. I am wondering if I take a college course in a local community college if the credit will transfer when I come into Fordham. I am planning on taking calculus and am going to be a bio major</p>

<p>Check with your dean before signing up for a summer course at a community college. I think Fordham only takes courses from 4 year colleges.</p>

<p>It will not count towards the major nor towards the core. It might help you later on, and you would likely get elective credit, but they are very stringent about fulfilling requirements.</p>

<p>@nyc2013 even if I take them at a 4 year school? like stony brook perhaps?</p>

<p>Discuss this with the Dean for Freshmen, whom you can locate at Fordham.edu.</p>

<p>If the course isn't taken at Fordham, specifically at your Fordham campus it will not count towards the core curriculum.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input but just as long as the freshman dean approves it...It is fine..and it will count for core credit</p>

<p>Did they accept it? I'd be really curious to know for my own reference if they'll take core recs from other schools!</p>

<p>I had most of my classes count towards the core...as long as the class u take is comparable to the ones at Fordham.</p>