What to do next

I’ve only been seriously prepping for around 2.5 weeks. My sections are all good (1 or 2 wrong max) except the logic games section, which I’m terrible at because I’m so slow. I got two 167’s on prep tests in a row, then spent 2 weeks intensely doing the entire logic games bible. I took another prep test and got a 176, with only 3 wrong on the logic games section-- obviously I was stoked. Then a few days later (today) I took another prep test and once again got a 167, only getting 10 right on the logic games section (didn’t even get to the last game because of time). I don’t know where to go from here, as I can’t afford a course or a tutor. Do I just keep taking prep tests and hope for the best? Do the logic bible again? Is there another book I should look at? Help!