What to do now?

<p>I emailed Cornell and they told me that I can still take the January SATs!!! Yayaaaa. I have really low CR and W scores as of now (620 and 600 respectively). Math is ok, I have 760, and I'm confident I can raise that to 800. I always make those one or two stupid mistakes, hidden even with 15 minutes of checking. (Hopefully SAT II Math IIC 800, AMC 123, ARML 7 can cover a non perfect SAT I Math up somehow if I happen to get a bad math mark again... I'm not gonna study for math.)</p>

<p>My problem for CR are the passages. I can't decide between last two choices that I narrow down to. Sometimes they all look right O_O, it's so daunting! After I look at the solution, I go "OH YEAH!!!", but I still remain undecisive on future tests. Anyone has this problem and how did you deal with it? Do any of you have a good strategy for this?</p>

<p>Well, for writing I got 57 and 9 respectively. I'm sure I can boost the essay, 'cause I'm actually gonna practice for that this time. As for the grammar, I can always memorize rules. Aside from that, any good strategies? (Problems currently with the present/past perfect tense...)</p>

<p>I know exactly what you're talking about. For those gay cr questions, I realize that only one choice is the right answer, and it has to 100% true. If there's some sort of inconsistency, then that's the wrong answer (Crappy explanation, but its what I do...)</p>

<p>i dunno dude. sometimes, the crappy answers are the right answers.</p>

<p>why are you guys gay bashing? btw, i know what you mean! i hate them, sometimes just go with a flip of a coin, i find a quarter the most helpful :)</p>

<p>Wow, I checked my detailed report and I found out that I made
12 mistakes and 6 omits on CR
9 mistakes and 3 omits on W, 9 on writing.
O<em>O This is better than what I do on practices, yet that's only 600 T</em>T
Major help needed! Any suggestions on Reading? Grammar should be okay after I study gramatical rules some more...</p>