what to do now..

<p>Unfortunately, I was deferred from Georgetown EA (as were the four other people who applied from my high school) and at this point I'm just wondering what I can do to add to my application. My test scores weren't the problem (2310 SAT, 700mathIc, 700mathIIc), I can't improve my gpa, I have over 1200 hours of community sevice, a decent leadership record and I was extremely proud of my essays, I really put my heart into them. I even spent a summer taking classes at Georgetown and my experience was a huge component in my personal essay. I just don't know what more I can do.. I was so dissapointed when I got deferred. I know that everyone on this board obviously loves Georgetown for some reason but it's more than that, I have a sentimental attachment to the school, to the area, and it's the perfect school for my interests. I really had my heart set on it, and if anyone has any suggestions I'd reeeally appreciate it.</p>

<p>i dont even know what to tell you, idk WHY TF you were deferred. people from my school were deferred with like 3.4 gpa and 18something sats, whats up with that?</p>

<p>but yeah im really sorry about that, you seem like you really deserve it, idk the only thing i can think of is maybe they thought you were too affected or confident, idk! i would just like... maybe write a letter to them and beg or something idk dont seem too desperate though...</p>

<p>What did u maximize on the summer school thing? If u know someone in the school try ask them to pull some strings for u. Especially since u went to the summer program u should know someone at gtown</p>

<p>talk to your regional admissions rep.</p>