What to do post submission

So, my daughter just finished her last RD submission and I guess we just play the waiting game until April to find out how she did? I don’t think we really have questions for the schools at this point, but should we reach out and foster a dialogue with admissions reps? I would imagine they are impossibly busy now. Maybe just leave them alone? Anything else to do?

adcoms don’t want to be deluged with questions that aren’t genuine. That said, some colleges do care about demonstrated interest. You can find out if the colleges she applied to care from their Common Data Set filing, or you can just assume they do.

Ways to demonstrate interest include signing up for info sessions, subscribing to newsletters, visiting them if they participate in a college fair in your area, visiting campus for a tour if it isn’t a financial/time burden, using the web portal they send her as an applicant, following them on social media, and clicking links in the emails they send. Have her use the same email for these contacts that she used in her app so they know it’s her.

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Make the most of that last year of high school. Focus on friendships and activities that matter. Keep up with school work.

High school is its own experience, not a protracted entrance exam for college.

Decisions will start to roll in before you know it. Encourage your daughter to be present in her current environment.


Great advice! She’s a pretty successful debater and in the middle of the season. Hopefully she forget about college and focus on her friends and that. Covid has really done some damage to these kids HS experience though.

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Try to put it out of your minds. What is done is done and nothing she can do will likely impact the decisions at this point. Stock up on ice cream (or her comfort food of choice)! It can be used for sorrows or a celebration! :tada: