What to do to prove that it's mine? I have a question about my immunization document.

<p>I am a domestic student, but I wasn't born in this country. I received my immunization record from another country. Unfortunately, the official document that I have does NOT include my name written in English, but only in Chinese. What should I do to prove that this document is actually mine????????? I already sent out THREE emails to USC, but I haven't received any reply yet :( I also made a phone call to the office, but that person just kept saying "oh I guess so", "I guess you have to do that?". He sounded like he wasn't sure what to do either.....:( Anyone here had a similar experience before?????</p>

<p>I suggest you call back tomorrow and ask to speak to a supervisor. Often times the phones are answered by student-workers and they may not have every answer. For important info, just politely ask to speak with someone who can give you a definitive answer.</p>

<p>I wouldn't get too bothered about the immunization record. I accidentally sent my son's to an invalid email about this time last year and only found out about the error in May when USC wanted it clear for Fall '10 registration.</p>

<p>Did you try calling the USC Health Center @ the University Park Campus?
They deal with the immunization, I'm pretty sure.</p>

<p>University</a> of Southern California - University Park Health Center</p>

<p>Just write your name and USC ID number on it send it in as it is. If they have any doubt that it is you, they *might *be able to find someone somewhere at USC who reads Chinese and can verify what it says... ;)</p>