What to do (when I can't pay the sticker price)?

<p>Maryland was a pipe dream from the minute I hit "send." Not only because I was nervous about college admissions, but because Maryland seemed to have the perfect blend of academics and opportunities for me.</p>

<p>Needless to say, I got accepted to my choice major (Criminal Justice/Criminology) and to Scholars. I also would love to study Arabic and participate in the Flagship program. That's what first pointed me in Maryland's direction -- the Flagship. </p>

<p>But I'm OOS. And nervous. I've heard Maryland isn't great with financial aid, and we can't afford super high prices (my EFC is around 3353...). </p>

<p>So what I want to know: Is it worth the debt I'll most like be in? Has anyone else been in my situation before and gotten through it relatively unscathed (little debt)?</p>

<p>Not sure, but definitely wait for scholarships, and fill out your FAFSA before the 15th!</p>

<p>I filled out my FAFSA a week or two ago...would've done it earlier but my boss at my second job didn't give me that W2 until then.</p>

<p>I know I've probably asked this before, but does anyone know around when scholarships are announced?</p>

<p>Usually late february-late march. I believe they're all sent out by early april</p>

<p>isimarie620, it is possible that with the financial aid you get at UMD, including federal loans and assuming you get a healthy presidential merit scholarship, that there will still be a gap in the price between your EFC and the cost of enrollment. There are several financial aid awards that go specifically to in-state students, but what goes to OOS is along the federal guidelines. I don't want to be negative, but just telling you what we've experienced and what I've seen from others in previous years. </p>

<p>I'll keep my fingers crossed that things will go your way, but I am happy to see from your previous posts that you do have some other (good) options as well. As much as I'm an advocate for UMD, I don't think it is worth getting deep into debt to attend for your undergraduate degree. Good luck, and keep us posted as to how things turn out for you.</p>

<p>Thanks guys...especially your advice, astrophysicsmom!</p>

<p>One more thing. The scholarships listed on the website for each college...are those available for incoming freshman (are they the ones applied to you as a merit scholarship)? I would technically enter UMD in the College of Behavioral Sciences (Criminology), but I would want to double major, and my second major would be in the College of Arts and Humanities (Arabic). Thanks!</p>

<p>regarding the college-specific scholarships, you'll have to look at each one individually to know if it applies to incoming freshmen. Generally, you'll hear about UMD-wide merit aid before you find out about any college-specific awards. The college of engineering is known for some nice college-specific scholarships for incoming freshmen. The other colleges...?? CMNS' scholarships are mostly for sophomores and above. In terms of the college you are being considered as for an incoming freshman, it is the one listed on your application/acceptance. I don't think either of my daughters "technically" declared their second major/(actually second degree) until their sophomore years or later.</p>