What to do? When to send? Help!


<p>I'm applying to very competitive colleges (not HYPMS, but top tier-ish nonetheless) and all either WAIVE SAT IIs with use of the ACT, or RECOMMEND but do not require the tests.</p>

<p>I am planning on sending my SAT score (2180: 730M 690V 760W) and my ACT score (33comp: 35E 34M 33R 30S) to all of my schools. I am also signed up for SAT subject tests in MATH IIC and LIT this weekend.</p>

<p>Now my question: because I didn't really study for my SATIIs, I will probably do pretty mediocre on the tests (630-700?) and so I am wondering if I should have college board send my SAT score before I take the subject tests so that my schools won't see it.</p>

<p>If SAT IIs are recommended (but not required), will it hurt me to not send scores? Does taking math and literature help at all? Will average subject test scores bring me down even though the colleges recommended it? What should I do? Advice greatly appreciated!