What to do with Business Economics?

<p>I came to UCLA wanting to go into business and like most people chose Pre-Business Economics as my intended major. Right now I'm taking Econ 101 and will hopefully get an A or A- that will let me get into the Business Economics major. However, I don't know if accounting is for me. I enrolled in Management 127a for summer as well, but have dropped it because I did not find the class too interesting and it was really fast paced. This got me thinking, what else can I do with a degree in Biz Econ if not accounting? I took Econ 11 last quarter and really enjoyed it, and am also enjoying Econ 101 as well. I seem to really like Econ, but accounting, not so much. I did like the financial accounting side of 1B and will be taking 120a in Fall.</p>

<p>I'm also not going to do the Accounting minor because I took 1B with Ravetch. Honestly the main reason I want to do Business Economics over regular Econ is I really want to take the 106-series courses. I'd love to go into Finance, but I don't have a math background. I will be starting my third year so while there is some time, there isn't that much.</p>

<p>Any suggestions/ideas?</p>

<p>You can always drop the business-economics major and do straight Econ major if you are doing the major because you like the 106 series. What happens is instead of enrolling during the regular school year for the 106 classes, you would have to do them in the summer. There is no point of doing business-economics major if you aren't interested in accounting because it does require a lot of accounting classes.</p>

<p>Do econ, 106 classes, some basic accounting classes, and you'll be good to go into the finance field without the business-econ degree... at least this is the best option you got here at UCLA if you don't find accounting interesting.</p>