What to do with HR contact details?

<p>I've recently attained the details of some HR contacts at a London IB from a friend (phone nos, email addresses, etc.)
I am looking to get an internship at this bank next summer, and this bank has an online application process open as of now (I havent completed one yet). </p>

<p>What can I do with this contact information to help me get an off cycle intership (industrial placement)?
Are they any good to me at all if there is an online application process that I am supposed to be fill out for an off-cycle internship? These people would probably just tell me to fill that out if I contacted them?</p>

<p>Try to get them to introduce you to actual bankers. The bankers will have a lot more pull in the hiring decisions.</p>

<p>Phone or Email?
Im guessing phone but I wouldnt want to be annoying them if they're busy.</p>

<p>I would send your resume via email to the HR person. Make sure you let the HR person know how you got his/her information.</p>

<p>Definitely phone, emails get ignored. When you call, ask if they have a few minutes to chat. If they are busy ask what time you should call back. In all likeliness though they will be able to spare a few minutes for you.</p>