What to do with self-reporting GPA if first semester grades are not out?

For regular decisions, the majority of the schools im applying to have a deadline before my first semester ends. This will be before finals too, so I cant really guess what grade ill get. So for the Grades section on Common App, should i just leave it blank? Or leave the GPA i had in before? Thanks and please help.

You report your GPA as of the end of junior year. You estimate nothing.

You provide the GPA and course grades through junior year with the application. Then check each college to which you are applying for its application rules. Many require a mid-year report providing first semester, senior year grades after you have applied. Just as many determine admission based on grades through junior year and thus do not require and do not even want a mid-year report, but they may withdraw any admission given if senior grades when submitted in June show a drop in performance.

How big must be drop in grades for withdrawal of admission? Does exist some “safe grades decrement” when you can be confident that admission wouldn’t be withdrawn?

How big must be drop in grades for withdrawal of admission?/quote Please don’t hijack threads. Not only is it a violations of the site’s rules, it’s considered rude to the original poster.

(B) In general, an acceptance would not be withdrawn until one gets a D or an F, although straight Cs for a top school would also be problematic.

Ok, I got. Please don’t consider me as rude, just I’m newby here

Thanks guys. I will just leave my GPA as it was at the end of junior year then.