What to do?

<p>Perhaps this is the wrong place to post this, buy I thought maybe some Wellesley insight might help.</p>

<p>My lovely D has just now decided that Wellesley is <em>the</em> school.</p>

<p>She's a very decent candidate for admission. The problem? She applied ED to Brown, and ED2 to CMC.</p>

<p>We are torn. Should she pull the CMC app? (We figure Brown is an unlikely admit, and she still loves it) Should we figure that she will get in where she is meant to go? (CMC is also pretty competitive, and by no means a sure thing)</p>

<p>ARRGH!! This kid is killing me with the college stress. :-)</p>

<p>Is CMC’s ED2 binding? If it isn’t, then I don’t see any harm in not pulling that application. If it <em>is</em> binding, then it sounds like pulling the app and applying regular decision would be best.</p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>

<p>D is at Wellesley and likes it but it took a year to really embrace it.She finds it challenging and rewarding but like any student she complains about the administration.Your daughter is not meant to go anywhere. She has good options you are lucky that way,relax.By the way Wellesley is at least as competitive CMC a lot of very focused women.</p>

<p>If your D has no clear first choice at this point, she should call CMC in fairness to them (it may be too late for Brown) and ask to convert her application there to RD. She ought to be hearing very soon from Brown, right? My understanding is if a student is “torn,” she shouldn’t be applying ED anywhere. She can see where she gets accepted. Has she visited all of these campuses? Why is Wellesley “the one”? </p>

<p>Honestly, if she ended up at any of these schools she would be perfectly fine. It’s like worrying over choosing the lobster over the filet mignon.</p>

<p>Brown is still #1, so that isn’t a problem, and she’ll hear by Wednesday.</p>

<p>It is likely she will be deferred, and then I think she would prefer to see what happens everywhere.</p>

<p>Of course, she didn’t tell me that when she was submitting her apps - she felt pressure to choose. (Probably my fault, but I really thought she loved CMC) </p>

<p>She has decided that, while she does love the program and the school, that she wants a more liberal environment. She also really embraced the womens college concept after we visited Smith and Wellesley. It really wasn’t on the radar before we visited, and she had sort of rejected it out of hand.</p>

<p>As she’s gone through senior year, though, she has become increasingly frustrated by her strength and assertiveness being labeled “masculine” and the idea that strong women must be lesbians. I think she will be fine wherever she gets in, but I want her to be happy with the choice. I told her to convert the CMC app to regular decision, and I think she was relieved. Thanks for the input!.</p>