what to do??

<p>I really want to get into Duke (unfortunately couldnt ED b/c of SAT IIs), but my chances seem slim to none especially b/c of really low scores...in everything. What are my chances at getting into Duke regular....</p>

<p>-top 10 % (33 of 586)
-taken most rigorous courses possible
-AP tests low (2 w.history (maybe 'cause i didnt try??), 3 chemistry, 4 eng comp)
-1290 SATs (retaking in november, and hopefully get much....much higher scores)
-28 ACTs (might retake)
-SATIIs (620 math I ( i dont know WHAT happened), 680 writing, 800 spanish)
-hispanic/black, low income family (parent never went to college)
-ec: PALS (3 yrs, one of firsts to start club), NHS, president-french club, (first one at school), Varsity Golf (2 yrs), loads of volunteering hours, historian ecology club (2 yrs)...</p>

<p>im also thinking about applying to datmouth and boston U., but I'm starting to feel like it'd be a waste of time....should i even bother???</p>