What to do?

<p>I just received a letter from one of the schools I applied to. It said that they have to wait to make a decision on my acceptance because the Nursing Program is so competitive. They would like to see my next available grades (mid year report). They did get my 1st term grades which were good (6 A's, 1 B...in an Honors Organic Chem class).
It's not my 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice. I've lost interest after being admitted to 2 other schools with nice scholarships. </p>

<p>Here's my question: Since I really don't care if I'm admitted or not, should I just tell them to withdraw my app? Just send in my grades anyways? I'm not really sure if they're looking for my grades to improve...not that they can all that much (though I do now have A- in Org.Chem.) ?? </p>

<p>How would you handle this?</p>

<p>It sounds like being admitted would do nothing to improve your life, so I would go ahead and send a letter saying you'd like to withdraw your application, having been awarded scholarships at some fine schools. Think how happy you will make a person who really wants to go there and has no better options!</p>

<p>I disagree - I'm not a parent, but I would keep my options open. What do you have to lose by staying in the admissions process? You've already paid the app fee and done the essays and stuff.. why would you bother dropping it? If you suddenly have an epiphany and decide to go to this school, you would regret it. However, if your views do not change, you have lost nothing.</p>

<p>I definitely second maea. I sincerely regret withdrawing the one application I did withdraw; I had nothing to lose by keeping my application open, and everything to gain.</p>

<p>You really cannot be sure what will happen, and I'd keep it open at least until you've fully committed to another school (ie, deposits made, that sort of thing).</p>

<p>i definitely second rainmama. there's nothing at all wrong with deciding that you no longer want to go to a particular school. it sucks that you had to do a lot of work in order to apply, but if you don't see yourself there might as well just save yourself the trouble and withdraw. </p>

<p>i cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to see really smart kids (presumably like yourself) apply to a ton of top-tier schools, get accepted into all of them, and then turn down all of them but still clog up spots from worthy kids. perhaps i'm just too "make this as fair as possible" about the whole system, but then again, i only applied to 4 schools last year for that very reason :)</p>

<p>Thank you for the replies. I only applied to 4 schools too Kristin
This school was never really my top choice.. It's the furthest away, the "worst" (well, last when I rank them) in terms of strength of the Nursing program, further away from the good clinical sites available at the other schools...etc. I guess I just think I am 100% sure I will not end up there because I have been accepted to my #1 school, which I am in love with.
Thanks all!</p>

<p>Actually, the quality of the school isn't really the issue here. You've decided that you won't be attending --- that's enough. In four years you'll probably face the same situation again, having applied for three or four jobs after graduation. Declining those you're not interested in is not just a courtesy, it's good citizenship because it allows those employers to offer the position to another individual.</p>