What to expect from orientation (UCLA)?

<p>Hi guys.</p>

<p>My orientation date is this Monday. I know most of you have gone already so here I am asking for advice and tips to make that day easy.</p>

<p>please tell me what to expect.</p>

<p>Bring comfortable shoes and clothes (preferably a white/light shirt), water, they'll provide you a backpack for orientation, and your laptop if you don't plan on using the computer labs at Covel Commons. Expect a lot of walking and sitting, not in any particular order.</p>

<p>is it mandatory to be there at 7am? i dont think i'm going to make it at that time. Also, I didnt send my picture for my bruincard.</p>

<p>at 7a, they have a little luncheon thing, and after that you go to like some little motivational thing that they have which is pretty much like "you're at UCLA now so you're awesome."</p>

<p>Something i'd advise you is go to UCLA</a> Registrar's Office Home and select the classes you'd like to add so that you don't have to do it when you get there. it'll save you some time.</p>

<p>Bring an MP3 player. You're going to be doing a ton of walking and you'll need something to kill the time.</p>

<p>Hey dude but I don't know what classes I'm supposed to take and how to add them</p>

<p>They explain this in orientation. Did you miss it? I assume you've already figured out how by asking someone on campus but if you didn't let me know and i'll tell you how.</p>

<p>Thanks dude
I haven't gone to orientation. I'm on my way right now.</p>