What to Expect on EA Decision Day 2022

This is a write up provided last year by @PengsPhils. I have made a couple of updates.

Hi All,

This thread is for any discussion/decisions for EA admissions this year!

Expected Decision Date

The official decision date is by February 1st, but historically decisions are released earlier, likely on a Wednesday. This year it will likely be January 26 but no guarantee. Decisions are released in waves starting at 4PM EST. Social media posts will appear around 4PM EST on the release date. If it is past 4PM EST with no results or social media posts, results are not coming out on that day.

Historically, many people try to make sense of emails and random portal changes, but no pattern appears to exist. Please do not try to read into them as it tends to cause needless anxiety for the group. The same goes for speculation on the decision date. My personal advice is to assume January 26th and to only check at 4PM EST. Checking early does not gain an advantage as all applicants will get an email about 30 minutes after their decision is ready.

Previous Admission Cycle Archive Thread (Including Previous Dates)

Merit Aid, Honors, and Financial Aid

If offered, these will be on separate tabs on the admissions portal. If you do not have the tabs, you did not get them.

Financial aid should also be ready if you got all forms submitted in time, but it is not uncommon for them to require more info.

Release Times

On decision day, waves are released hourly on the hour, loosely by geography. Here are some estimated time ranges:

New England: 4-6PM EST
Southern States: 7-9PM EST
Midwest: 6-9PM EST
West Coast: 8-10PM EST
International: Varies

Posting Decisions

To all those posting decisions, posting the following info would be greatly helpful to people this year and especially in future years. The hope is to compile this information to give some numbers to future applicant pools. Feel free to post as much information as you are comfortable with.

Did you apply for FA?:

Interpreting Decisions

Acceptances: Congrats!

Deferrals are very common for Northeastern and are not soft rejections. It has also been speculated that they may use this to test the interest of overqualified applicants who may withdraw their application for other schools. Temper expectations but do not assume it is a rejection during RD.

Denials: Know that admissions are an imperfect process and what schools you get into or attend do not define you as a person! Good luck with your other college decisions!

NU.in: More information will be released, but you can find a good deal of info in the linked thread below. Please note there may be changes to NU.in depending on the state of COVID in Fall and this will likely cause delays in the availability of information.

NU.in Information / FAQ


I think you have a typo in the first area of December 26 - I think you mean January 26th


Fixed, thanks.

This is great @TomSrOfBoston and @PengsPhils . Thank you both.

Just another thought about deferrals – because of over enrollment last year, they may heavily defer and add to the class as needed as a way to control the process and stop over enrollment from happening again. That’s what I would do if I was NEU.

Good luck to all candidates later this week (hopefully)!

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@TomSrOfBoston I wonder if you or someone wants to make an EA Decision Results Thread otherwise everyone will post in the ED thread I think… ??

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@TomSrOfBoston will do it!! :innocent:

I changed the ED thread title to include EA :slight_smile:

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oooooo did they do that for ED?

oops sorry, replied to the wrong person

Any word yet for California? My daughter applied EA.

Any word?

Decisions are released in waves,

Looks like the prediction was off by an hour: waves started at 5 PM EST.

So they are coming out today?

They started releasing around 5pm
New England right now

I mean they have started already?



This is stressful. Good luck everyone

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So California will be around 7:00pm ?