What to expect when taking/ learning these AP exams?

<p>This year I'll be taking:</p>

<p>AP English language
AP Biology
AP Environment

<p>and self study:
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology</p>

<p>Please tell me what to expect and how to do well on these, and how long before the exam do I need to prepare, esp on the self study ones
Thank you</p>


<p>AP English language - Practice writing essays and how to analyze texts for persuasion techniques. The whole class is basically identifying what techniques an author uses, and then writing an essay about how those persuasion techniques help convey the message. CliffsAP Eng. Lang. is a great book because it gives many practice exams. </p>

<p>AP Biology - Stay on top of your work. It’s just memorizing everything so keep refreshing throughout the year. CliffsAP is the best for this too. </p>

<p>AP Environment - I got a 4 on this one after reading Princeton Review for a day. Like Biology, it’s all memorizing and some basic formulas. Princeton Review for this one. </p>

<p>APUSH - It’s a very detailed course, but yet again, all memorization. You need to know the history in depth. Read AMSCO’s US History text book and you’ll get a 5 for sure. Use REA’s Crash Course as a supplement for a quick refresher. </p>

<p>and self study:</p>

<p>AP Human Geography - I got a 4 on this after reading Barrons’ for a couple of hours [6-7 hours]. Just memorize the terms and know the details and you’re good to go. </p>

<p>AP Psychology - Never taken, but like the others, it’s all memorization. Use Princeton Review.</p>

<p>AP Environmental- I self-studied using Earth as a Living Planet and PR and got a 5. There’s not much to this exam; you should get an easy 5 if you’re willing to put forth a little effort. </p>

<p>AP Human Geo- Also self-studied and got a 5, using Rubenstein’s book and Barrons/PR. In my experience, PR is the better of the two. Just don’t procrastinate until the last week or you will be sorry.</p>

<p>AP US History- I had a class for this, also got a 5. Just stay on top of the reading and make sure you can write fairly good essays in short amounts of time. Buy Crash Course and the MC will seem very, very easy. Believe me.</p>

<p>APUSH- If you have a good teacher who prepares you well with lots of practice tests and regular tests you’ll be good. But also beware, your teacher may give you a lot of work like mine did. I had to read about 2 chapters per 3 days while taking notes on them. I also used AMSCO because I didn’t want to read the entire American Pageant. I finished AMSCO in less than a week. Got a 5 by the way.</p>

<p>AP Psych- So easy. I used Barrons 2 days before the actual thing. I’m not sure about PR, but a lot of ppl said Barrons is good and I can validate their statements. Also , I found Barrons to be very close to the actual thing.</p>