What to expect...?

<p>I am going to my first college/campus visit & information session in about two weeks. I have NO idea what to expect. </p>

<p>What should I wear? I really don't want to wear a dress, but is that what is expected of you to wear/appropriate (as far as girls go)? Or would a pair of khaki capris and a nice top be fine?</p>

<p>Do I need to bring anything in particular to any of these visits? What kinds of questions should I ask?</p>

<p>I feel so lost right now. I really am excited to finally be visiting some colleges, but have no idea what to do or rather what is expected of me at these visits. Any insight on what may or may not happen would be great to hear as well.</p>

<p>College visit? Dude you wear whatever you want... it's the most informal thing ever</p>

<p>Which college?</p>

<p>Yeah, just don't wear anything indecent and you're fine. You don't need to bring anything (unless you want to take pictures), as they'll provide you with materials about the college. As for questions, use this as an opportunity to ask about things that you're unsure about that pertain to your application. Unique circumstances, particular programs, et cetera. Most importantly, listen.</p>

<p>as long as you're not interviewing, wear whatever the hell you want, within reason [no hooker dresses or chicken suits, no matter how much you want to]</p>

<p>^ I'd say hooker dresses and chicken suits are fine, if that's what you wear on a daily basis. Just be prepared to get some funny looks (actually, you'd probably be used to them if you wore that stuff regularly).</p>

<p>Okay thank you all. I just wasn't sure if it was an formal or informal type of event. </p>

<p>As for schools, the first one I will be visiting is Clarion University (no Ivy-League type schools for me!).</p>

<p>What you don't know is that the application process begins the moment you step foot on campus for your first visit. There are people watching and judging your every move. You must embody elegance and personify perfection, lest the adcoms perceive you as a vagrant.</p>

<p>^ You just sent my mom and me into a laughing fit. I love you.</p>