What to improve for RD?

<p>Any advice on what to improve on my RD app? I doubt I have a chance, but it's worth a shot.</p>

<p>State: NC
Rank: 3/333, end of semester 1/~325
SAT I: 770V, 730M
SAT II: 800 U.S. History, 760 Math IC, 760 Writing, 720 Math IIC (ugh)
*National History Day, finalist at nationals (10), state (10-11), and regionals (10-11), various special prizes for writing, primary sources, state entry
*Debate Team: Club president, turned into team, founded NFL Chapter, won first tournament in OO
*Internship at major local newspaper (staff writer)
*Summer session at a top 5 university
*Yearbook: Business manager, staff won best state book
*Online newspaper: Founder and editor
*Choir: multi-state tours, loads of concerts, plays
*Student council: constitution writer, 3 year rep.
*Various boring volunteering, sports, National Merit, awards for grades, scholarship nominations, who cares</p>

<p>Essay stuff: Interviewing Pat Buchanan, an ambassador, various White House officials for NHD, and how my father lied about his background which caused me to reflect on what it's like to be a first gen. college student (weird, huh?)</p>