What to know

<p>So I just got accepted into WVU, which was my second choice after Rutgers, which I doubt I will be getting into, and I was just curious as to what to expect and what to know. I know August is ways off, but I want to start getting mentally ready lol. For those of you who are from the WV area, what's the weather like? I would need to have my car there because I live in NJ, and after doing some research I found out that the best way to get there is by car (Train/bus is cheaper, but takes 10 hours and you have to change buses, and plane is the fastest, but most expensive). I'm only a 6 hour drive away. Only thing is, my car blows in the snow, and I heard it snows a good amount in WV. Do you think I could get by with having my car parked or w.e the days that it snows, and either stay in or use public transportation for a day or two? or do I NEED a car? That's my main question right now, I'm sure more will arise as I keep thinking :p</p>