What to make of this video?

<p>YouTube</a> - Hellogoodbye - Here in your arms</p>

<p>what the...?!?!?!</p>

<p>Homosexual is what I make of it.</p>

<p>yeah probably homosexual</p>

<p>but it's kinda obnoxious, if nothing else because the music is obnoxious</p>

<p>What do you mean? How is it homosexual?</p>

<p>Need I refer you to the part where the one guy reaches down, slowly removes the other dude's belt and caresses himself with it, right before they all start dancing suggestively with their shirts off?</p>

<p>Hhaha it's cute, a little cheesy.</p>

<p>i don't know... i like hellogoodbye, but i think this isn't their best</p>

<p>Two things need to be banned, right now, under penalty of death:
1) the autotuner gimmick
2) letting 14-year-olds have video cameras</p>

What do you mean? How is it homosexual?


<p>well the video itself isn't homosexual, since videos can't have sexual preferences, but the guys in the video seem gay. but the only reason i don't like it is because that song is retarded</p>

<p>That was funny</p>