What to occupy yourself with during quarantine: a selection of the top five best-selling books of 20

Quarantine makes adjustments to the plans and makes you think about how to spend a night free from work, when the way to cinemas, clubs and other places where people usually gather is closed.

After all, what could be better than spending an evening over a cup of healthy tea with lemon and ginger, delving into reading an exciting detective, an interesting novel or essay on [url=<a href=“https://bestessaysservices.com/%5Dbestessaysservices.com%5B/url”>https://bestessaysservices.com/]bestessaysservices.com[/url]? So, in 2020, we were pleased with both sharp detectives and dramas.

"Silence," John Hart

The book is written in the genre of horror. Ten years ago, Johnny Merrimon’s life changed irrevocably. By revealing the secret of a serial killer who terrorized the county, he became a national celebrity. Now Johnny leaves home and lives in the Wasteland, in total silence, where no sane person would want to settle because it is filled with “ghosts”. But the hero is not like all people, it was felt from the beginning. He feels and sees what is given to units. But here begins the murder of people, unexplained and with the raid of mysticism, and the first suspect is Johnny, because it was on his land the death of people and he was always nearby.

"Say you’re sorry," Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee is the author of bestsellers #1 Washington Post. Her books have received numerous literary awards, including the International Thriller Award and the RITA Awards. Her new novel, released in January 2020, will be perfect for fans of such hits as “The Disappeared” and “The Girl on the Train”. The story tells the story of successful lawyer Morgan Dane, who lost her husband and now returns to her hometown of Scarlett Falls in an effort to get her life together. She raises three daughters and finds a job with the D.A. The city is shaken by the brutal murder of Tessa, a young girl who worked as a nanny for Morgan. All the evidence points to Nick, the neighbor’s son, but no one can believe he’s guilty. Morgan’s taking on his defense to prove he had nothing to do with the murder.


"Deception," Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman is the author of more than 40 psychological detectives, each of which became a bestseller by the New York Times. The heroine of the new book “Deception” was found dead in her bathroom, next to her body, police officers found a disc with a videotape of her accused of the death of colleagues from the [url=<a href=“https://www.lexico.com/grammar/writing-help%5Dcollege%5B/url”>https://www.lexico.com/grammar/writing-help]college[/url], where she worked as a teacher. The LAPD chief does not find the case so obvious and he passes it on to Lieutenant Milo Stiorgis, the best investigator, and Alex Delaware, a psychologist.

"Don’t be stupid," Jen Cincero

Jen Cincero is the author of The New York Times’ motivational bestseller series #1. Through her books, Jan has helped many people change both their careers and personal lives for the better. A number of books titled “Don’t be Dumb” and “Be Daring!” have been updated with a novelty called “Don’t be Dumb”. This book will replace your personal trainer, coach and motivators. Every day, it will energize and motivate you to succeed. The main rule that can be found in the book - do not slow down on the road to success and daily rock the "muscles of coolness.