What to pack as a fine arts major at a SUNY school???

I leave for move-in day tomorrow at SUNY New Paltz and I am a freshman majoring in Fine Arts right now, specifically drawing and painting. As I’ve been packing I’ve started to wonder if I’ll need all of my art supplies from high school, or will some of them be supplied to me as an art student? For my tuition bill, there was an included arts fee, so I’m wondering if that covers the materials I might need? As an example, would I need to bring my own canvas, or would that be supplied? Sorry if I sound really dumb, I just really don’t know!

What will and won’t be supplied for you will vary by class and even sometimes by professor. If you live anywhere close to school, it’d be best to bring only the basics, and then go back home to pick up the rest of what you need once school starts. If you live far from your school, perhaps you can leave your supplies out in your room, and have your parents ship what is needed to you, after classes start. Because it’s impossible to really know what you’ll need until you get there and get an idea, which will happen on day 1 of class.