What to put in LOCI if I have no important updates?

I have no new awards/accomplishments other than receiving Principal’s Honor Roll first semester. What else should I put? Should I write about what I’ve been doing in some of the clubs I’m in? Would it be harmful to write about a book I read recently?

Reiterate that the school is one of your top choices. Or, if it’s your top choice and would attend if admitted, say that.

Things to possibly mention:
-first semester good grades/honor
-Activities involved in…sports, clubs, community service
-After that you can bring in things you mentioned in the Why Us? essay (if you wrote one for that school) and/or add new things that demonstrate how you will engage on campus/in the community…classes, research, clubs, etc.

Good luck.


Good advice from @Mwfan1921
Have you got a summer job lined up? You can mention that. Any ideas in progress that are geared towards you achieving some kind of goal? You can also mention that.

Keep the LOCI brief. They will be reading a lot of them. You want yours to ideally give them concrete updates that will make a good impression.


No, I don’t have a summer job or any goals. I’m just an uninteresting tryhard loser.

Well you certainly don’t say that.

Why not be positive and proactive? Look for a summer position now that perhaps relates to your interests. That can be volunteering or a job.

Well…it’s a little late for that. Deadline for loci is tomorrow. Oh well it’s not like I had a chance for RD anyway. Thanks for the advice though and will keep this in mind for the future.

Being negative won’t help you.

“Dear Ms. Jones,
U Michigan is my top choice and I will attend if accepted.

I have actively participated in fund raising….(or whatever it is) for ______ club. I am hoping to get a summer volunteer position at the local animal shelter where I have volunteered for the last two years.

I recently read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which confirmed my interest in Biology. If I am accepted, I plan to share my interest in Biology by getting involved with _____ club at Michigan, or similar_, so that I can help younger kids get excited about science too.

Thank you for considering my application.”

Or similar.

You came here asking about what to say in your LOCI. If you have nothing to update with, do your best with nothing. Don’t literally say nothing though.


Send the LOCI today. This way at least you will know you did everything in your power. If you don’t get in then move on and love the colleges that love you.

As others said keep the LOCI short and sweet. Confirm your interest in the college, if appropriate say that “if accepted I will attend”, state that you are continuing your strong academic performance (including making the principal’s honor roll)as well as your EC activities, and thank the admissions officer for his/her time and consideration.


Thank you!! I’ll do my best with my nothing

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