What to review for honors precalc?

<p>I'm taking honors precalc next year (as a 9th grader) and I've heard it's one of the hardest courses in my school. To make my life easier I've decided to review over the summer. What topics in algebra, geometry, and trig should I review that will help me the most during the school year?</p>

<p>Phase shifts of sinusoidal functions.</p>

<p>my pre calc class was a joke. It was literally just review with a few more graphs, logs and trig. Make sure you have you radian circle and trig identities memorized. It would also be useful to look over the different kinds of graphs and how they transform. If you haven’t covered logs yet look over that. That’s just what the curriculum was at my school so it might not be exactly right.</p>

<p>oh and trig graphs. Also the two ways to do polynomial division.</p>


sounds like my advanced algebra class</p>