What to see....?

<p>i just couldnt bear seeing pomona have zero posts.
...so, what should i try to get around to seeing when i stop later this month? will i have plenty of time to see the whole campus? would i have time to go over to HMC to check it out, id probably take a lot of my classes there? is there something I HAVE TO see or eat while im their?</p>

<p>look on the pomona website for the 47 things every sagehen must do- lol, those crazy sagehens!</p>

<p>anyone else? what should i see at POMONA? that list tells me what i can do around pomona, but what can i see in the immediate area, where i would spend my days should i choose to attend the school(or should they choose to accept me)
come on i know people are reading this thread, just respond.</p>

<p>how would you spend your days eh? </p>

<p>well, there's a little shopping area right next to pomona called "the village" that has tons of stores and stuff. though, most of it's geared towards older people. but there's some cool places.</p>

<p>for example, there's a sweet record store, rhino, that has a great vinyl selection, worthy of hours of browsing.</p>

<p>there's a latino art museum with cool art and friendly people. </p>

<p>if you have a car, you can get to target and walmart. those are always fun.</p>

<p>you asked if there was something you had to eat. really close by is a mongolian bbq place that is just wonderful. but most pomona people would tell you that something you have to try is 21 choices ice cream. to me though, its just ice cream.</p>


<p>now, if you mean actually on campus... there's not a whole lot. at the smith campus center there's an arcade/game room. there's a cafe and a restaurant (separate from the dining halls). there're lounges in the dorms that have tvs/pool tables/etc (depending on the building). there's a theater in the basement of the campus center that shows movies on the weekends. there are club sports teams you can join. there's the gym. unfortunately the cardio room is NOT air conditioned.</p>

<p>you can definitely see the whole campus in your visit. and you can visit the other colleges as well. harvey mudd is quite a walk though. </p>

<p>note about pomona: they haze you at the beginning, just a heads up.</p>