What to take in December ??? Urgent !!! Help !!!

<p>I recently took SAT II Math, Writing and Bio. I did great on Math (I think) but sucked at Writing and BIo, probably below 600 for Writing and above 600 but below 700 for Bio. </p>

<p>What should I take in December ??? My SAT I score's 1330, should I retake SAT I or SAT IIs (I know I'll improve on both) ???</p>

<p>DO most of the colleges require only SAT I ??? If they require SAT IIs, which test will they emphasize on more ?</p>

<p>If you did below 600 in Writing that's a major problem...why did you bother taking it if you weren't ready or weren't going to do well? A 1330 SAT is fine...study your butt off and retake Writing.</p>