what to use to make the dorm mattress comfortable?

<p>im going to be a jr. trans student this fall and have a question about the dorm mattresses. </p>

<p>what do you guys recommended for making the bed more comfortable? ive heard of an egg crate and a mattress pad? should i use both? is one better than the other? ive never used either of these products...</p>

<p>in addition to whatever items im going to add to the mattress underneath the sheets, im also planning to lay on a down comforter (one as like a sheet and one as an actual comforter). i do that now in my room at home and it's awesome. im just kind of worried b/c im used to a queen bed (i just went to cc and lived in my own apartment). just want to be as comfortable as possible :)</p>

<p>Memory foam pads are the way to go.</p>

<p>Are your dorm mattresses notoriously uncomfortable or something? Sure, it's not the Ritz, but they're really not that bad. I just use a standard mattress pad (it's like a combination of a comforter and a fitted sheet--it will probably work better than just laying down a comforter because it won't shift around) and I'm good to go.</p>

<p>@mflevity: oh no i haven't started school yet. im just planning and was curious for what other students use b/c ive heard the dorm mattresses are pretty uncomfortable. and ill prob be pretty sensitive and a baby about it b/c i LOVE my sleep and bed lol</p>

<p>I had no problem with the dorm mattress with nothing on it - but I don't really care, I can sleep on anything.</p>

<p>The egg crates seem to be pretty comfortable.</p>

<p>The best selection of mattress toppers we've found was at Bed Bath and Beyond. Although they were limited in those that fit twinXL. I would invest in one since you know you will be sensitive to this. Sign up for their coupons and you will get 20% off.</p>

<p>I'm a college student, give me a floor and I'll sleep on it :D</p>

<p>egg crate and a mattress pad worked great for me. I had one of my friends who would come to my room just to lay on my bed because he said it was so much "fluffier" than his</p>

<p>thanks everyone for all the replies; it was a great help!</p>