What to wear at the piano audition?

Hello, my son will go to the Julliard Live Audition in NYC soon in March 2015. As a parent, I would like to know how to prepare his audition clothing. And usually how many people will be offered to audition and how many would get chosen to be accepted? What does the audition day look like? Thank you.

-offered auditions: piano BM (Bachelors in Music as I’m assuming that your son is a prospective college freshman if its for Pre-college sorry I don’t know mich about it but some of this stuff is/ will be relevent soon or for. The future) is a pre-screened, meaning due to some circumstance (ex. Large amount of applicants, not enough time for auditions etc.) applicants must first sent a video of them playing, kind of like a preliminary round, usually a small portion of the required audition repertoire. They send this in and this determined whether you will be invited to a live audition. And this audition is the final “round”. So as for offering, anyone can audition regardless of anything (even age), however in pre screen case anyone can do it but only a few will be invited to NYC audition, Leading to the next question

-how many- it all depends on the faculty’s preference, their studio space (how many students they can teach), and talent (if youre good they’ll squeeze you in no matter what.) sometimes many will audition but none will get in, they didnt find what they were looking for. But they’re always no chance if you never audition. Sometimes knowing a faculty member helps cause they know your style, so try to get a lesson with the teacher your son wants to study from before the audition.

-audition day- most likely you’ll get a time and location and you wait till its your turn to present to the panel, you usually can get warm up time befoe the audition for like 15-20min. Be early and stay near the location as the audition can be early or later than the time given due to late applicants and such. There may theory , ear/aural, history placement exams at some time but check with the website or email admissions about it. That’s about it.

-attire: try to go for porformance/concert attire, which is formal but works what you’re doing (etc. doesn’t hinder hands or body when playing).nothing too fancy or crazy but what you would wear to someone’s graduation or formal event. Try a white dress shirt a tie and black pants + dress shoes, can’t go wrong with that. Groom nicely and don’t wear too much fragrances. A tux is not necessary IMO. But you can keep a suit jacket or something with you but take it off during the audition cause it can be hot or feel hot. As long as you look clean and sharp, to show that you’re take this seriously.

Remember, every audition is a source for opportunity but also a learning opportunity for improvement in many aspects in and outside of music.

Best of luck to your son on his audition! Look forward to hearing about it on the forum some day haha.