what to wear...ibanking

<p>I plan on going to a few info/recruiting presentations of ibanks and was wondering how formal i should dress? a full suit, business casual? basically, should i dress as if its the actual interview? any opinions appreciated</p>

<p>suit is good. business casual is good.</p>

<p>keep it conservative. stick with either white or blue shirt with a stripe tie. no french cuff, no monogram, no flashy stuff, no pocket square, no hat, no paisley tie, no argyle socks, and no bow tie.</p>

<p>dress like you are serious about the job, but don't let ur clothes steal attention from you.</p>

<p>lime green shirt with a paisley blazer and cargo shorts!</p>

<p>if it's just a presentation, don't go too formal. you usually dress for interviews a step above what you'd dress for in the normal job. go business casual, just a good, clean business casual (maybe like a suit, no tie if you can pull it off). Don't they give you guidelines? i'm just guessing on a limb here assuming that it's going to be a full room where you're just listening to ibanks giving a speech. If you plan on doing any networking or speaking with the representatives, dress it up a notch.</p>

<p>Just go and raid Brooks brothers. A lot of people in Ibanking wear this brand and its respectable and plain so you won't look like a fool. Try to wear a plain color **** and a navy blazer with a half-decent tie and maybe if you can afford it, some black Ferragamo kicks.</p>

<p>dress to impress, better to over dress than under and be the stand out. But i am sure many will be just as prepared as you</p>

<p>And brooks brothers suits are ok at best. Any brand that fits you well will make you feel good and look good. Preference for me is barney's which sells a lot of rebranded suits that are really made by boss. At least that is what they told me</p>

<p>^I know for a fact that unless your working for Lazard or something, BB Investment Bankers keep it very classic and original. Go for Brooks brothers.
Even though my personal favorite suitmaker is Sarar, but that would be too nice to interview in. lol</p>

<p>thanks everyone, but i shouldve included that i am a woman and that is why perhaps i need more clarification. i thought business casual is the norm for these things but some of my friends at wharton (male) went in suits...i cant imagine wearing a formal skirt suit to an info session, but then you never know i could be dead wrong...</p>

<p>if you are a woman, dress trousers + dress shirt + nice shoes.</p>

<p>Yes wall street loves brooks brothers.</p>

<p>haha, that was nice, sorry for any offense. Wall street loves brooks brothers, but the also love custom made suits. Have you guys tried on any bb suits. Maybe its because i am 6' 180 and real lengthy, they just make me look broad and stuby</p>