What to wear??

<p>Hi guys.
I am from India and everybody is giving me different advice about how I should dress for a summer program in US, especially formal stuff like dresses or business suits. Help!</p>

<p>Keep it casual. Bring a few nice outfits for dances, social events, or whatever.</p>

<p>A khaki pant with nice polo shirt or causal shirt (with or without tie) are super fine for summer camp, or college interview.</p>

<p>Thanks ticklemepink and flyinglandbird. I think I can manage casual stuff now. But please expand 'nice outfits'. What sort of a dress, dress shoes etc will be appropriate for the last day events?</p>

<p>Like a tie, dress shirt, dress shoes, slack pants, etc
The rest, keep it casual.</p>

<p>Thanks! My last question - Business suit with balzer or waistcoat?</p>

<p>Blazer. No teenager should wear a waistcoat to anything but prom.</p>

<p>definitely blazer lol</p>

<p>I went to a summer program last year. I brought professional clothes for when we had guest speakers or went to the Pentagon and CIA. Then I had casual clothes for when we went to see monuments or museums. I also brought a few dresses because we had stimulations and such. It was really fun and the most enjoyable summer I ever had! I also met many great friends, which I still talk to today.</p>

<p>i think professional clothes ...a dress for the formal and a cute suit for thaa program..:)....</p>

<p>What is the summer program? That makes a huge difference. If you are spending your summer in a classroom or lab, then you can be very casual. If you are going to programs in a place like Washington DC or visiting businesses or going on interviews, then skirts/dresses/nice slacks and blouses are in order (or slacks/blazers/tires for boys). Shoes that are not spike heeled, and not tennis shoes, too.</p>

<p>A lot of times the program will send out a packing list with some hints. Or e-mail the program and ask them.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot. I got a blazer and a black dress finally! Rest all casual except some good stuff for outings.</p>

<p>Monil, In America, remember, Shorts and a T-Shirt are considered casual.</p>

<p>Haha, seriously, summer camps in the US are generally pretty laid-back and casual - meaning the dress code. Just bring some t-shirts, some nice slacks/khakis, some jeans (most camps allow that; I can't think of any that don't), polos, and some nice "dressy" clothes for social functions (such as dances and stuff). The camp should provide you with a packing list... maybe take a look at that?</p>

<p>Yeah just some T-Shirts and jeans for casual (not the really tight road vender stuff my grandparents always bring).</p>