What top 100 colleges should I apply to with a 3.83 UW and 4.1 W?

My UC GPA of 4.0 is low so I decided not to apply to the UC’s and am looking for private colleges in California and out of state public/private colleges. I intend to major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, but I’m also willing to major in International Relations or International Studies.

Western Washington University offers a major in the area of Natural Resources and Conservation. Located in a beautiful waterfront setting in the woods. About 14,000 students.

Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon for IR and biology. About 2,000 students. Beautiful campus & location.

University of Vermont (try for the honors college) offers a spectacular location (Lake Champlain) and offers lots of environmental studies courses & majors. Over 10,000 undergrad students.

Middlebury College in Vermont for environmental studies. About 2,600 students.

University of Hawaii in Manoa for biology. Almost 11,000 students.

P.S. Sorry as I just noticed that you only want to consider colleges ranked in the top 100. Some of my suggestions may not be among the top 100.

Why not look at Humboldt State?

You have several options in California (UC’s and Cal states) which should be affordable as a CA resident so why OOS?

UCR/UCSC and UCM are all ranked Nationally in the top 100 schools.


A popular option for CA students is Arizona State and Barretts Honors college at ASU along with University of Arizona.

If you are attracted to a LAC in the Mid-Atlantic (and can afford it), Dickinson College is strong in International Studies and Environmental Science/ Studies (don’t know about Evolutionary Biology) and has a reputation as a green school with a global focus. If it’s relevant to you, Dickinson has also gone test-blind this year (has been test-optional for years).

Budget? How far OOS? GW and American in DC are targets at those stats for IR and related fields, but not sure if finances will work.