what toput in a resume

<p>How long should a supplement resume be, and what should i include.</p>

<p>a resume should not be more that one page size 12 font. Make sure to put your name on it with a larger font size than the rest (14-16). Then it should include:
Education: Where you went for high school, address, and type of diploma
Academic awards: What the official name is, date earned and, if obscure a brief synopsis
Positions of responsibility: school government ect
EC's: what they are, years participated in and awards/positions earned
Athletics: this can be a seperate category if you have the space/inclination to do so
Work experience: where, when, and what where you doing?
Other interests: if you have not listed something this is your chance to show how well-rounded you are. Do not go into detail here, just list the names of the activities (hiking,swimming, wieghtlifting ect)</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>so you just list straight down the page all the things you've done?</p>

<p>1-2 pages, I'd go for one..
List them ,but w/ organization, like you would put AWARDS in bold and caps, and under it bullet each award and description</p>

<p>Make sure your resume does not look cluttered, add spaces if it does</p>

<p>mine's five pages long and i don't know what to do about it. it's mostly impressive (i think) stuff so i'm at a loss. anyone can help?</p>

<p>do you put summer experiences too?</p>

<p>can you submit the common app online and mail the supp forms? or should I just mail everything?</p>

<p>sixsixty- in my opinion, i'm pretty sure 5 pages is too much; wouldn't that be longer than your essay? What did you put in it?</p>

<p>ritzbitz133-summer experiences can be put on a resume</p>

<p>Most colleges are pretty clear that they don't want a resume. I would really strongly suggest against adding one. There's a saying in the world of college admissions that the thicker the app, the thicker the student. If I were an adcom, I really would NOT want to have to wade through a 5 page resume... that's just ridiculous. Try to fit as much of it as possible into the app itself. If you want to send an additional page with AP scores or scores on other national tests (french contest, latin exam, AMC 12, AIME, chem olympiad, etc.) that's probably ok. A SHORT description of a couple of activities might be ok as well, or listing summer programs. But the key is to keep it short, and to omit anything that is not essential. I really do think that a 5 page resume would work against you in the admissions process.</p>

<p>Marlgirl, while I respect your opinion about not including a resume, I must balance it for the OP because actually including a more complete activity/award list (can call it a resume if you like) is a very GOOD thing to do as the little chart cannot do justice to many kids' lives outside of the classroom. A student can complete the little chart on the application but include a resume as well. I can tell you that college counselors SUGGEST you do this and they do know a thing or two about it so I want to make sure the OP does not go by what one student on here thinks. My own kids, one who is a freshman at an Ivy League school and one who is applying to college now, included a three page annotated resume with their applications. Please know this is NOT a knock against a student but can be (if done well) a document that really shows a lot about the person. </p>


<p>I want to add that even the common app says something like, please fill out the activity chart even if you plan to include a resume (implying that including a resume is OK to do!). As well, one of my D's apps, asked for a resume INSTEAD of a chart.</p>