What type of major would be best for me?

I’ve put down Biomedical Engineering on my applications as my first choice, but I’m questioning my choice.

WEIGHTED GPA: 3.95/4.0

Prior Coursework (and grades):

9th: Pre-IB Physics (A), Introduction to Engineering (A), Pre-IB Literature (B), Pre-IB International Studies (A), Pre-IB Mathematics (B), German IV (B), Health and Wellness (A), Introduction to Programming (A), Symphony Orchestra (A)

10th: Pre-IB Civics and Government (B), Pre-IB Biology (A), Pre-IB Chemistry ©, Pre-IB Math Analysis (B), Health and Wellness II (A), German V (B), Symphony Orchestra (A), Design Engineering (A), Pre-IB American Literature (B)

11th: IB HL Literature Yr. 1 (B), IB SL History Yr. 1 (B), IB SL Mathematics Yr. 1 (A), IB Psychology HL Yr. 1 (A), IB Biology HL Year 1 (A), IB SL German Yr. 1 (A), Health and Medicine (A), Health and Medicine II (A), Symphony Orchestra (A), Theory of Knowledge SL Yr. 1 (A)

SAT I: 1480 (750 CRW, 710 M)
SAT II: 730 Math II
ACT: 33 (35 E, 34 M, 33 SCI, 30 R)
PSAT: 1410/1520 (Named a Commended Student)
Senior Courseload: IB HL Biology Yr. 2, IB SL Mathematics Yr. 2, IB SL History Yr. 2, IB HL Psychology Yr. 2, Health and Medicine, IB SL Theory of Knowledge Yr. 2, IB SL German Yr. 2, IB HL Literature Yr. 2, Symphony Orchestra

Extracurriculars (Grades):

Junior Achievement Program at Pfizer (12)
-Led various operations in the company’s supply chain department to optimize revenue.
-Aided in the progression of the business from startup to liquidation.

Practicum at Depuy Synthes (11)
-Studied research aspects for biomaterials and lean manufacturing concepts. Also toured the manufacturing plant.
-Created a 3D model using CREO software and a 3D printer. Understood the responsibilities of a Product Development Engineer.

Practicum at SAP America (11)
-Learned about SAP solutions like In Memory Database (HANA), Internet of Things (IoT), and Agile Project Management.
-Programmed a Raspberry Pi to measure room temperature and then show the data in a graphical format through Google API.

Job at an SAT/ACT preparation place (11, 12)
-Operated as an educational writer, and created mathematics tests for K-5 students
-Proctored practice SAT/ACT exams for high school students
-Held a position in the marketing and advertising department to raise public awareness of the place’s goal of educational success through continuous improvement.

Volunteer at a local hospital (11)
-Volunteered in the hospital’s escort department in order to both understand hospital functions and to aid in the transport of patients between departments.

National Honors Society (11, 12)
-Held a position on the advertising board for a dance marathon to raise awareness for childhood cancer.
-Raised funds for additional organizational activities and operations.

Student Government (10, 11, 12)
-Served as a general assembly member of the council.
-Volunteered at council functions and activities.

Hacking Club (10, 11, 12)
-Organized a hacking competition at my high school, with participation from about 250 students over 24 hours.
-Competed in a hack-a-thon at a local liberal arts college, and created an app using HTML, Javascript, and CSS in order for doctors and patients to have better communication.
-Gained further insight regarding different programming languages such as Javascript and Python.

H.O.S.A (Health Occupations Students of America) (9, 10, 12)
-Won bronze medal in medical photography at the regional competition.
-Held position of club reporter, which required me to maintain club photographs and records.
-Stood as an advisor for newcomers to the organization to better prepare them for their events.

FBLA (9, 10)
-Competed in the economics and healthcare administration events in ninth and tenth grade, respectively.
-Contacted a local biomedical company to have them participate in a career fair at my school in 2015.

Speech and Debate (11, 12)
-Performed in the dramatic and humorous interpretation events at speech competitions.
-Advised newcomers on how to perfect their pieces and how to approach certain events.

-Aided in fundraising and school-based activities for the chapter.

Politics Club (12)
-Started a political discussion and debate club at my high school recently along with two classmates.
-Held the position of secretary for this newly-founded club.
-Fostered two debates between club members regarding international and national political topics.

Key Club (12)
-Volunteered to cheer in the 2016 Special Olympics at Villanova University, offering words of encouragement to competing athletes in their different events.
-Relegated information regarding transportation to other club members.

Statistics Club (11, 12)
-Delivered a presentation regarding the usage of statistical measurements (offensive rating, defensive rating, PER, etc.) in professional and amateur basketball leagues.

Boys’ Tennis (10, 11, 12)
-Played matches at both the junior varsity and varsity levels. Played in a JV tournament.
-Mentored incoming players in both junior and senior year to ease the transition to playing at the high school level.
-Mentored younger children in the county area along with other teammates to foster a deeper love of the sport in younger generations.

School Orchestra (9, 10, 11, 12)
-Played first violin in the high school orchestra, and have consistently played as a top 10-15 chair.

Well, if you are wanting some other suggestions. How about Industrial Engineering, statistics, actuarial sciences?

Your prior classes in high school and extracurriculars are not necessarily helpful in making the decision…the decision should be based on your interests and your career goals. What do you like? What are you interested in? What kind of job would you like? (Not necessarily a specific career - but what kinds of skills and work environment would you want to use/have?)