What type of people would be "in" at Harvard?

<p>I recall someone recently saying that not all applicants are uncertain for Harvard and that "the first X applicants are easy admits and the first X applicants are also easy rejects."</p>

<p>What kinds of Academic applicant would be an easy admit?</p>

<p>An absolute idiot whose dad happens to be President of the United States.</p>

<p>royalty and celebrities. that's about it I think ...</p>

<p>What about academic applicants? </p>

<p>Ill start a list:
1. Top 5 kids from Andover and Exeter.</p>

<p>There is a difference between an "easy admit" and a "guaranteed admit." The top kids at Andover aren't ensured spots; but as long as there isn't a disaster elsewhere in the application, they'll be in. The story is probably similar for MOP attendees, and IBO, IChO, and IPhO team members.</p>

<p>^ even though elite preps/boarding schools with historical ties to the ivies, you still can't be too sure with a place like Harvard. highly likely perhaps, but definitely not a guaranteed "in"</p>

<p>Look, jasonInNy, the top five kids from Andover and Exeter aren't necessarily in. There is no guaranteed in, from any academic level, ethnic background, extracurricular profile, athletic experience or legacy lineage. Seriously. Don't try to analyze it, or you'll just want to die, because you'll inflate the chances of a mythical SuperCandidate at the expense of your own self-worth. It's really not worth obsessing over.</p>

<p>I concur with misterg</p>

It's really not worth obsessing over.



<p>Besides, why does this matter? If you're not one of those people with the credentials described in the post above, then why stress? Face it: there's no way to be certain.</p>

What kinds of Academic applicant would be an easy admit?


<p>Elite athletes with excellent grades. These students are not only easy admits, but they are the earliest admits (via likely letters). Receipt of their likely letters will precede or coincide with NCAA signing periods, which for some sports are in the Fall (and maybe even earlier).</p>

<p>Edit: I just realized you capitalized "Academic," so perhaps you meant to exclude athletes from your question.</p>

<p>The type of people you don't even know exist until you go to Harvard</p>

<p>^lol :) That made me laugh for some reason, even though I know it's very true in a way.</p>