What type of professors receive the BEST evaluations at a community college?

<p>Please describe the professors at a community college whom you gave the best evaluations (or whom you have heard other students talk excitedly about). It can be anything from being a good teacher, to a nice person, whatever that could possibly hint the necessary qualities to thrive as an educator at a CC. Thanks!</p>

<p>the best profs ive had have the same qualities</p>

<li>passion for the subject, enough that he/she can pass it on to you without boring you.</li>
<li>on time and respectful</li>
<li>reasonable with bathroom breaks/cell phones</li>
<li>organized with up to date grades</li>
<li>will ask you questions if you dont</li>

<p>Thanks Dainese. Please everyone, give some suggestions if you can! I would really appreciate it.</p>

<p>Guys ?</p>

<p>lol this section isnt very lively aside from a few regulars. i think the qualities i listed can describe almost any good prof. </p>

<p>but something a CC prof has to face more than any other prof is the stereotyped CC student (IE: drop out, lazy, immature)</p>

<p>having to teach someone who isnt willing to learn can really drain the passion out of you, but the profs that are top notch keep a positive attitude for those few "select" students who usually end up transferring.</p>

<p>if he/she can get pass that, that alone is an accomplishment in itself haha.</p>

<p>what is this for anyway? paper? caltech? :)</p>

<p>no no. my mom's a CC instructor and I'm trying to help her out. Way to transfer to USC! Terrific school!</p>

<p>oh fosho! thanks :D</p>

<p>im glad your mom is a CC instructor, its tough. but really its profs that are at CC's that seem to inspire me the most because they end up being the closest prof/student relationships IMO. </p>

<p>university lvl is very impersonal and its most often TA's. :(
its tougher with so much competition for attention haha</p>