What type of undergrad for med school??

<p>Tell me which 1 you would go to cause this is hard to decide</p>

<p>1) Michigan- great prestige but known for being informal and big. Big risk in terms of getting into med school. Only 60% admission rate into med school from their school of LSA. GREAT school but risky. AKA HIGH PRESTIGE HIGH RISK</p>

<p>2) Case Western- not as prestigious but still well known across the country. Supposedly well known for science and engineering program. Supposed to be VERY good in premed terms, yet only puts forth a 66% admissions rate from their undergrad school of arts and sciences. Not as great as in social environment factors as michigan but a good deal to help you gettin med school. A lot smaller too. MIDDLE PRESITIGE MIDDLE RISK</p>

<p>3) John Carroll to Ucinn med school- this is a dual admissions program. 100% garaunteed route through medicine. John Carroll is not prestigious, sorta sucks actually but if your one of only 10 students getting accepted to the cincinnatti med school, its a GREAT deal. LOW PRESTIGE NO RISK</p>

<p>4) Then there Northwestern. If I Miraculously get in I think i should go there. Known for being small, smart, and great chances to get into medicine</p>

<p>Its hard to decide. I really want to go to michigan but i really want to get into med school. Its tough to decide what is the right path. Thanks for any info or help you can give.</p>

<p>some1 respond for cryin out loud! oh and by the way, take out option #3 considering i got rejected from that program lol</p>