what uc are going to be safetys, matches, or reaches for me?

<p>soph. grades: first semester
advanced algebra 2: A
soph. english: A
honors chem.: A-
PE : A
Spanish 2 : A
World History : A
gpa 4.17
second semester:
same execpt for a B in english
gpa 4.0
jr. grades: first semester
AP us history: A-
Pre-cal: B
honors physics: A
regular english: A-
Spanish 3 : A
Cisco networking: A
gpa 4.17
second semester
same except for B in honors physics
gpa: 4.0
sr. schedule: AP Cal
AP Enivormental
film and lit
Spanish 4
SAT score: took twice 1730
UC GPA: 4.1
SAT score: Math 2: 630, US history: 590
ACT scores: 25 ( 19 science, 19 reading, 31 math, 29 reading)
Other stuff: I have a job at Jack in the
I've played volleyball 4 years
played football for 2 years
I did karate when younger and had a
red-black belt
I was born in India so I had to learn
I going to to hopefully do some
community service my senior year
What are my chances?????????
Major:Biomedical Engineering:

<p>Pretty high chances for most UC's if you ask me. As long as you don't seriously mess up your essay or anything, all of the UC's seem pretty realistic.</p>

<p>thank you yahoowizard!</p>

<p>your test scores are a little low. I think I had similar GPA and test scores, but I was just Undeclared for most schools. I'm not sure how/if your major will effect your admissions since that sounds more competitive.
But, I think your safeties are Riverside, Santa Cruz, and Merced.
Matches - Irvine, Davis, San Diego, Santa Barbara
Reaches - Berkeley & LA
my counselor told me my reaches were UCI, UCSB etc. -__- (i was VERY sad after this meeting, but I think she just based it off of test scores). I ended up getting into everything except LA & SD.</p>

<p>Oh, whoops, didn't see the test scores for some reason...I'm really not sure how they weigh some things, since I had a 3.5 UCI GPA but 1980 SAT and 31 ACT (equivalent to 2140 SAT) and got into UCI, UCD, and everything under it. So yeah, good luck, and I guess it's probably too late now to ask you to take the SAT/ACT one more time to see how much your score goes up.</p>

<p>Safeties: R, SC, M
Match: I, SB, D
Reach: LA, B, SD</p>


<p>thanks guys</p>