What UC's do I have a chance at?

Junior going senior
GPA: weighted-4.5/unweighted-3.9
SAT: 2230
SAT II: math 2-800/biology-760
ACT: 35
EC: class council/student gov-4 years
Senior class president
STEM- 3 years, won SeaPerch (underwater robotics) regionals comp 2 years in a row as first place and made it to nationals, was team captain both years
Sea cadets- 3 years, attended multiple medical trainings (field med/hospital coreman) and leadership position as 2nd class petty officer
Hospital volunteer for 3 years
Sunday school teacher for 2 years and worship leader for 6 years
Tutor kids (self employed)
Editor in chief of yearbook (3 years)
Secretary of Friday night live (promote drug awareness)
Member of jsa (debate),
Footprint club (reducing our carbon imprint on the world), key club, csf (california scholarship federation),

Btw I am currently working under a local physician who offered me a billet. I am shadowing her and also running other things around her office

You have a good chance at all of them, but I know that admissions at some got ugly this year, so I can’t call Berkeley or UCLA anything better than high-match/low-reach. I’d say UCSD is a match; Davis a low-match; the rest are probably safe. If you are applying for Engineering/Tech programs, however, the scenario is more competitive, with Berkeley a high reach for everyone, UCLA and UCSD reaches, and others in the match range.

Pretty much all of them are matches except for Berkeley and los Angeles. Those admissions were really competitive for the most recent 2015 graduates.

UCLA stats http://www.aim.ucla.edu/admissions.aspx

UC Berkeley http://admissions.berkeley.edu/studentprofile

I see yeah from the lot of my friends who are all pretty up there, the results on who got in and who didn’t were kinda uncalled for. Also, I know sports would help a lot but I did participate in a wide variety of sports before high school. I was actively involved in soccer and swim but my knee filled up with fluid and I had to get surgery for it :confused: freshman year played frosh volleyball which was stupid because it was a lot harder on my knee. Wish I got cleared in time to continue playing