<p>When i came home today.. I went to my kitchen counter- like I always do.. And I saw this envelope.. it said "NYU" and then at the bottom it said "Congratulations".. I was puzzled.. Why would NYU be telling me congratulations? And for what reason? After all, I didn't even finish my application..</p>

<p>anyway, inside the envelope was this card.. It reads "Congratulations! Welcome to NYU.."</p>

<p>It then says that my "official offer of admission to the Leonard N. Stern School of Business will be on the way to me".</p>

<p>In all honesty, I am completely shocked. Not because I don't think I am qualified, because I am, but I didn't even finish applying to the school... To my knowledge I had sent my SAT I scores to the school, but I failed to send my SAT II scores.. I went on collegeboard to make sure that I wasn't mistaken.. When I looked, it turns out I have no score reports to NYU..</p>

<p>Has anyone heard of such a case before? This is unbelievable.. I don't have much interest in NYU (it's way too expensive), so I will e-mail the admissions officers asking if a mistake was made (and I am sure there was)..</p>

<p>Awww Congrats! I've seen photos on other people's blogs of those NYU letters. I'm getting really worried now, because I still haven't gotten into ANYTHING.</p>

<p>Do Internationals get these early notifications? I'm from Canada.</p>

<p>im international and I have received such a letter from Stern...i live in Houston, TX by the way....you can still be admitted if your application is incomplete, because on the admisisons forums on NYU's website, it says that they will evaluate your application with whatever credentials you have submitted</p>

<p>Oh really?! lolz, ok. Makes sense :) That's really odd though.</p>

<p>Did you send them an application & did your school send a transcript? Your SATs may have been reported by your school and many colleges accept that as official. Congrats, by the way! :)</p>

<p>yup! Transcripts :)</p>

<p>Thanks guys.. :)</p>

<p>I don't think my SAT IIs were on there, but meh.. lol. Thanks! :)</p>

did you only get the letter or was there also an email telling u u got in?</p>

<p>Rosh420 - something tells me you must have done well on your SAT and your GPA is probably not too shabby either :D....Either way, congrats!</p>

<p>^Agreed. SATII's are probably the least important component as long as as everything else is exceptional.</p>

<p>I wonder how many of those applicants who got accepted into NYU will attend NYU.</p>

<p>Historically, somewhere between 35 and 40 percent overall - not by school.</p>

<p>When you have ur SAT I scores sent college board automatically sends your SAT IIs</p>

<p>This works the same the other way around. I wanted to send my SATIIs but NOT my SAT, but college board sends them all together, you do not get to pick</p>

<p>Hey goddessxx, where did you happen to see the photos of those letters? I'm interested in taking a look, seeing as I haven't received anything yet.</p>

<p>lol they are actaully just postcards, not even letters</p>

<p>I sent neither my SAT I nor my SAT II scores..</p>