What undergraduate major do you need to be to become a cpa?

<p>If I want to become a CPA, do I need a major in business or accounting? Right now I'm majoring in sociology and plan to minor in accounting. I just plan to get a bach degree in sociology and go get my MBA. But if I want to become a CPA, is a undergrad degree in business/accounting a must? I live in the state of California. I just read about that you need 150 hours of credit including 30 some what hours of accounting? How would that work if I'm planning to get a bach in sociology?</p>

<p>As long as you have the 30 hours in account (some need to be 3000 level and above) and the 150 total hours you will be fine...</p>

<p>you wil most likely need a master's degree (depending on your state) to fulfill the CPA education requirements. so i would say major in sociology and then if you want to pursue accountign apply to grad schools</p>