What universities do you think I have a shot at?

I am a freshman from one of my city’s worst high schools in an underprivileged, predominantly black neighborhood.(I am Asian) I have world geography honors, algebra II honors, biology honors, and English honors. I participate in science Olympiad, debate team, junior varsity basketball, dance team, key club, and mathletes. I plan on doing these activities for the next three years of highschool. I’m currently in the process of programming an app, and I want to become an entrepreneur or biomedical engineer. Based on this information alone, what universities should I shoot for? I know that it is only freshman year so the answers are not definite, I just want a vague idea.

It’s based on what your parents can afford, at this point, because you don’t have a GPA nor SAT score.

Shoot for the moon! Study hard.

You should visit the local schools and do virtual tours of the farther away schools. Ask your counselor for application fee waivers. Apply to all the schools you think you’d want to go to. Hopefully one of them will offer you an irresistible financial aid package.