What up with Tufts?

<p>I recently found out Tufts existed. It's not on CC's "top universities" list, but it's student body seems very high quality based on their SAT scores. What are the universities strengths, and how does it compare academically to say, Duke?</p>

<p>they are totally different schools. in terms of prestige, tufts is a lot less well - known but almost as good academically nd well - respected. tufts is a great school, academically and otherwise but it has a different student body and setting than duke.</p>

<p>I applied ED I to tufts, and while it's not an "Ivy League" school, it's certainly nearly as good as most of them, and is often used as a safety for people who don't get into Harvard, Columbia, Yale, etc. From what I've seen, and the people I've talked to, everyone seems very nice, and of course they're very smart. It's a very small school, so it's a fairly tight community, people have dinner with teachers, etc. Its strengths are International Relations, Biology, and they have a small Engineering undergrad which is supposed to be very personal and very good.</p>

<p>Tufts admissions stats last year were definitely Ivy quality if I'm not mistaken...I'm applying there as a reach for RD if I don't get into Cornell ED (going for Engineering). It's pretty small...like 4800 kids I think. And yeah, I've heard similar things about their engineering program - that it's small and geared towards undergraduates, but still very good.</p>

<p>Sounds perfect -though competitive... Does anyone know how they are for transfer applicants?</p>

<p>Transfer applicants are accepted at about the same percentage as RD applicants are. Generally a good GPA is required and a genuine reason for leaving (other than the all-so-common prestige factor/shotgun approach). We get a wide range of transfers from all over as they're not limited to the elite undergraduate spectrum - podunk u with a good GPA, Johns Hopkins, people transfer everywhere as it's all about finding a good fit.</p>