What Volunteer/Community services should I take if I want...

<p>What Volunteer/Community services should I take if I want to improve on my public speaking and social skills, become a better leader, and improve on time management and prioritizing? These are the specific skills I would like to gain from my volunteering experience; those, and of course, have fun. I'm not really sure what type of services offer those opportunities though. I've signed up to volunteer at the library, however, I'm looking for better options. I would like to have a couple of activities that I can work at over the summer. Does anyone have any ideas on what volunteering jobs offer the factors I listed the above (so that I can learn myself and be of help to the community)? Thank you for reading.</p>

<p>Does your town have a youth commission or board?</p>

<p>Try looking it up on your town's website.</p>